HC Shop FAQ:

Q: Can I customize an order?

A: Yes. Many of our artisans are able to create customized products according to the color(s) and/or design you prefer. Just give a description and/or photograph of what you’d like, on our checkout page. Please allow time for the artisan to create the new product.  

Q: How long will it take for my product to arrive?

A: Our artisans hand-make our products to order. This process usually takes about one week, meaning you would receive the item in approximately ten days from the time you placed the order. Customized or large orders may take longer. Feel free to email shop@humanconnections.org to ask for more specific time estimates for custom orders.

Q: Can I track my package?

A: Once we drop off the package at DHL, it should arrive to your address in as early as 1 day, but it can take 2-5 days, depending on customs. If you provide your email address when placing your order, DHL can send you updates when the package is on its way and when it has arrived. Go to DHL Tracking, and enter your Waybill number listed on your shipping label and sent to you via email, in order to track your item as it travels to your doorstep. 

Q: What if my package hasn’t arrived yet?

A: DHL ensures the safe and speedy delivery of packages internationally.  If you’re experiencing any delays after notification of shipment, please contact us at shop@humanconnections.orgWe will investigate the issue and send you a new product should it be lost provided it is a DHL shipping error.

Q: Return Policy: What if my product was broken in transit?

A: We guarantee our products arrive safely and intact. In the unfortunate event that your item arrive broken, we will replace it. Please email us at shop@humanconnections.org with your order information, name, and a photo of the broken item within 48 hours of package delivery. 

Q: Can I get in touch with the artisans to thank them?

A: Our artisans absolutely love when their customers are happy about their products! They especially enjoy seeing photos of their products being used all over the world. Feel free to email us a note and/or photo and we will gladly share it with our artisans.

Q: Can I follow or receive updates on the progress of the artisans?

A: We hope that our website and online store creates a feeling of connectedness to each artisan, their individual stories, and their art. We encourage interested customers to follow Human Connections on our Facebook and Instagram to hear about our artisans’ progress.

Q: How can I help the artisans further or spread the word about the HC store?

A: Our artisans appreciate your interest in their livelihoods and support of their small businesses. Feel free to like us on Facebook and Instagram and share our information or store with your networks through word-of-mouth. You can also donate to our organization, and if you’re interested in hosting a craft-party, please contact us about bulk orders.