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Don Emiliano & Doña Berta

At an early age, both Don Emiliano and Doña Berta picked up the art of weaving palm leaves. They learned how to craft baskets and purses by hand and have been doing so for over 30 years.

Don Emiliano and his wife Doña Berta are originally from Oaxaca, Mexico but migrated to Guadalajara when they were young. As their family grew, they decided to move to Bucerías, expanding their basket weaving business to a broader tourist market. Don Emiliano and Doña Berta are members of the Mixtec indigenous community, which is a pre-Hispanic culture with its own language, traditions, and ethnic characteristics.

The type of palm leaves used for weaving are often expensive, so a more durable type of flexible colored plastic material is sometimes used in place of the palm. Depending on the size and intricacy of the baskets and purses, Doña Emiliano and Doña Berta’s family can spend two hours to two days on creating the product. Their family is proud to represent their Mixtec and Oaxacan culture when making their beautifully crafted handmade products and can work with a variety of colors and patterns for customized orders.