Why shop with Human Connections?

Our online store creates a platform for our local artisans to bolster their sales year-round, instead of relying solely on a seasonal tourism market, while providing a space for them to share the stories behind their livelihood.

Artisan Partnerships

At Human Connections, we have a personal relationship with each of our clients and work to provide a platform for them to share their stories with an international audience, meaning that you know the human story behind each product you purchase.

By shopping with us, you are buying directly from our artisans at the price they have decided is fair for their work, meaning they gain the full financial benefit of their sale. With your purchase you also support other programs that we initiate to empower our clients.

Our artisans make their products in the comfort of their home, not in a factory. The more products they sell on our online store, the more time they can spend working at home with their families rather than out selling on the beach or the markets.

As we monitor the impact of our programs, you will receive updates about the lives and businesses of the artisan who made your products.

What other work do we do in the community?

With your purchase you not only support the artisan, but also contribute to the work Human Connection does within our community. Through Cultural Day Tours and Global Engagement Trips we give visitors the chance to meet our artisans, providing them with a platform to share their stories and lives. All of our programs work to empower the community, bridge cultural gaps and increase understanding of Mexican culture.

We also invest in educational programs for our community members, such as English classes and business consulting to strengthen our partners businesses.

Why are our products unique?

The artisans featured on our online store come from various indigenous cultures in Mexico, where they have learnt traditional techniques to create unique products. Each of their products are handmade and can be customized to order. We are proud to say that our artisans products are featured on National Geographic’s artisan store, Novica.

Creating Sustainable Economic Opportunities

We live in an area that is very reliant on tourism. During the low tourist season our clients’ household income reduces by an average of 70%. Our clients’ ability to connect directly with international markets and generate sales during the low season means their income can be sustainable all year around.