Map Mission

This map is available to help aid our mission of fostering meaningful interactions between local individuals and tourists, and to raise awareness about ways to travel more responsibly throughout the Riviera Nayarit region. By promoting responsible, local businesses, we can emotionally and financially empower local entrepreneurs as well as shift the perspectives and increase understanding for tourists. This map contains locations of local businesses that we encountered on our ventures and are simply suggestions for you as you explore the region!

Map Destination Criteria

When choosing what locations to include in the map we utilize the following criterion to ensure we are being responsible tourists: 1) The location should provide you with a new perspective and/or teach you something new. 2) The activity or location is not common to tourists. 3) The location does not have a specific website beyond a Facebook page. 4) The activity or location is community based. 5) The location specializes in something only found within the surrounding area.

  • New Perspective

  • Unique Experience

  • Community Based

  • Local Specialty

“Visiting the Churro stand in the plaza was something I looked forward too every night. Don’t be nervous if you don’t speak Spanish, the owners are extremely welcoming and helpful!”

Jenée Carlson

“Stopping at Cinco Pueblos was extremely humbling. To learn about and know I was supporting the five local indigenous cultures was a heart warming experience!”

Kyle O’Connell

“Spending a day at the Aguas Termales Nuevo Ixtlan hot springs and understanding the natural process of the springs and how it is maintained was unlike anything I had ever seen.”

Jazmin Bandera

“Exploring all of the exotic trees and plants at El Eden Nursery was a breathtaking experience. Knowing a local family takes pride in maintaining such a beautiful spot for the community really touched my heart.”

Alex Kinnamon

Find Another Responsible Destination? We Want to Know!

These locations do not always fulfill all five criterion listed above however they fulfill three or more. These suggestions are just a few ways to practice responsible tourism. We do our best to make sure the map’s information is up to date. If you encounter an issue where our information is no longer correct, please contact us and let us know so we can make the appropriate corrections.

photo of local art

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