Our Commitment:

We strive to follow the principles of Responsible Tourism established by the Cape Town Declaration of 2002. These principles include:

  • Minimize the negative economic, social and environmental impact of tourism;

  • To generate greater economic benefits for the local people and to improve the welfare of the host communities; Improve their working conditions and give them access to the tourism industry;

  • Involve local people in decisions that affect their lives and opportunities;

  • Make positive contributions to the conservation of the cultural and natural heritage and to the maintenance of the diversity of the world;

  • Provide more enjoyable experiences for tourists through meaningful connections with local people, and a broader understanding of the local culture and its environmental and social problems;

  • Provides access for physically challenged people;

  • Be culturally sensitive, fostering respect among tourists and hosts, building pride and confidence in the local community.

Why is responsible tourism important?

Responsible tourism works to “ensure viable and long-term economic operations, providing socio-economic benefits to all stakeholders, which are evenly distributed, including stable employment and income opportunities for host communities, and contributing to relief Of poverty. ”

– United Nations World Tourism Organization

Travel – and inevitably tourism – is a way to explore our world, meet new people, and try new things. As tourists, we are guests in a place where people live, work and sustain cultural and historical traditions. Through education and informed participation, we believe that tourism can be carried out in a more conscious and mutually beneficial way.

According to the AIG Travel’s 2016 Pulse Poll survey on sustainable travel, most travelers are committed to sustainable practices at home and believe in the importance of traveling sustainably as well – and numbers are growing. In fact, the Organización Mundial del Turismo de las Naciones Unidas designated 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Read the full definition of sustainable tourism here.

What is Human Connections’ responsible tourism model?

Human Connections is a social enterprise that connects international travelers with local people through educational programs such as our Cultural Day Tours, Internships, and Global Engagement Trips. Our objectives are: 1) To emotionally and economically empower local entrepreneurs, and 2) To change perspectives and increase understanding.

This dual impact strategy channels tourism dollars into local hands and encourages meaningful interactions, creating an effect of growing empathy across cultures and awareness of ways to travel more responsibly.