Moises & Zenaida Morales Morales


At the edge of Bucerías live Don Moisés and Doña Zenaida, a couple from a community called Copalillo, and who belong to the Nahua, one of the four indigenous peoples of the state of Guerrero. They speak the nahuatl language and are experts in the art of making hammocks – the same ones that originally were made with “ixtle,” an agave fiber. Don Moy and Doña Zenaida moved to Bucerías around 20 years ago, where they built their own house. Don Moisés and Doña Zenaida have very warm personalities and they love to welcome visitors to their home to share their story and demonstrate the hammock making process.


Hammocks of different shapes, sizes, textiles and colors.

Products with the same style of hammocks as fruit baskets, bags, swings, flower pots, also bracelets with names and stone necklaces.

  • Telefone Number

    (322) 158-2452

    (322) 188-7220

  • Hours of Operation

    Moises and Zenaida work from home, but sell their products in the Center of Bucerias during the day. It’s better to call him first to set up a visit.

  • Address

    Domingo Flores #37, Col. Javier Obando, Bucerias, Nayarit

  • Directions

    Check out the map!