• Materials from Social Leadership Week with Entreamigos
  • Two Entreamigos staff members


Social Leadership Week brochures


One week, though we can also craft two week experiences


$1300 – $1600 USD, depending on group size and preferences

Program Includes:

  • Comfortable Housing
  • Local Transportation and Airport Transfers
  • All meals
  • Transformational Social Leadership Experience
  • Group Activities and Cultural Engagement
  • Pre-Trip Learning Guide
  • International Health Insurance
  • 24/7 support prior to and during the program

Social Leadership Week

An transformational leadership experience in San Pancho, Mexico

Human Connections has teamed up with Entreamigos, an internationally recognized nonprofit organization, to offer this program to an international audience. Human Connections will work with your university, administration, or group to ensure logistical support, coverage and compliance, and a seamless travel experience.  Human Connections helps you set up the trip; Entreamigos facilitates the Social Leadership Workshop.

These workshops have been thoughtfully crafted by professionals from across the world and grounded in many years of experience working in community and environmental education.

During the Social Leadership Week, students go deep to develop self-awareness and recognize how their personal beliefs and behaviors contribute to their actions, effectiveness and leadership capacity. This program combines traditional leadership training with introspective learning, helping students determine who they are and how they want to be in this world. Equipped with social leadership and life skills, students will leave this program feeling energized, empowered, and motivated to create change.

What exactly is Social Leadership?

Today, “leadership” is a catchphrase for all kinds of skills development programs. As a culture we tout the benefits of teaching leadership to our youth knowing that it will benefit their futures… But are we asking ourselves what futures we want for our youth and what kind of leaders we hope they become? Social Leadership strives not only to build leaders, but leaders who inspire us to care for our communities and the world.


Group sizes range from 6 to 24 participants. This experience is ideal for high school or university students, though we also offer a parallel curriculum for corporate groups.

Participants will engage in a full schedule of workshops and activities. The experience generally lasts 7 days, with 5-6 days of intensive leadership training and 1-2 days of community engagement or excursions. Contact us at info@humanconnections.org to receive a customized itinerary and budget for your group.

To learn more about the program’s logistics, download the full flyer.

Interested in learning more? Contact us directly at info@humanconnections.org.


The Entreamigos Community Education Center is located in a beachside village, one hour north of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. The organization is recognized nationally and internationally for its innovative approach to social issues and community integration. Entreamigos supports 35+ employees in a 15,000 square foot “green” facility and offers a multitude of services to the local and regional community: free public library, 600 educational classes per year, recycling center, sports facilities, recycled production facilities, a café, two stores, computer center and language center. The center hosts 1000’s of visitors every week and is sought out as a destination by socially conscious travelers, educators and their institutions. 

Human Connections also works in tandom with Entreamigos on sustainable volunteer projects during Alternative Breaks. Learn more about current opportunities to join these trips here

Volunteer pictured with EA youth