Internship Testimonials

I highly recommend this program to any university student or recent grad. The program itself was excellent. I worked on Business Innovation, which, first of all, was a great opportunity overall. You are not entrusted with this kind of privilege or responsibility in many other organizations. I cannot believe that I got to work on starting a new business that the local people here could one day pick up and launch for themselves. I was constantly encouraged, heard, and given opportunities for extra work if and when I wanted it. The staff was diverse and so talented. And there was such a great balance between work and fun, and some of my greatest times were our group excursions with the other interns and the staff. For anyone who loves Spanish, great company, beautiful scenery, delicious food, feeling welcomed into a community, and inspirational learning opportunities, you don’t want to miss HC’s internship programs. I learned so much about myself and my life/career goals, and it will go with me for my lifetime.

Victoria Kim
Victoria KimSummer ’15 Intern

The winter externship is an experience I will never forget. I could easily say that the welcoming people of Bucerias, the amazing Mexican food, the opportunity to explore the area and interact on a more intimate level with locals, and the warm-hearted staff made this experience the best part of my junior year in college!

Katherine Chen
Katherine ChenCornell University

A one-of-a-kind experience for sure! I was amazed by how much I had learned at the end of my two weeks with Human Connections, both professionally and personally. The itinerary was a perfect balance which made sure that I was being productive while working and got to enjoy the culture in Bucerias & Puerto Vallarta. I recommend this to anyone who is even slightly interested in the social sector.

Shashank Sharma
Shashank SharmaOhio Wesleyan University

My experience with Human Connections was not only extremely rewarding but also allowed me to gain new insights about myself and my future career path. I felt as though the work I was doing truly made a difference in the lives of others and I left Bucerias with a sense of accomplishment. Human Connections challenged me to think differently about the social space and how businesses operate in general. The Human Connections staff is composed of extremely inspirational and driven individuals who have a level of energy and optimism which is absolutely contagious. Overall, my experience with Human Connections was truly life changing and I could not have been more happy with my decision to spend of my summer working with them.

Connor Steppe
Connor SteppeUNC - Chapel Hill

I felt that my Human Connections internship this summer was designed specially for me. This experience has transformed me as a person. I was not only able to meet fascinating artisans and help them improve their businesses, but I was also able to have fun working with a team.

Marco Ortega
Marco OrtegaYale University

As an intern with Human Connections, I was able to have a hands on experience consulting with small business owners on ways to improve their business through techniques like marketing, price point analysis, and product development. Every day I had the opportunity to interact with local citizens to obtain a deeper understanding for not only their culture, but for what it means to be a business owner in Bucerias. This opportunity not only opened my eyes to the world around me, but it also allowed me to see the potential behind every business, no matter what the size.

Robyn Alde
Robyn AldeNorthern Illinois University

Being a freshman I think I looked at the internship as a way to prove myself. I think it made me push myself but I also felt like I had a lot to contribute and I always tried to bring something fresh and creative to the table. I appreciated that Elly and the other staff never made me feel like a freshman. I always felt like I was a part of the team and my work was appreciated. Being in Mexico over the last 6 weeks has made me really want to be a part of making a non-profit marketable in the future. This internship was the best way to spend a summer.

Kerrian Miller
Kerrian MillerNorthern Illinois University

The six weeks I spent here in Bucerias with Human Connections went by way too fast! I didn’t know what to expect when I applied to this internship program but after reflecting on my time here I couldn’t have imaged spending the majority of my summer back in Philadelphia. The people I met (the seven other interns, Elly, Teresa, Flor, and of course the amazing people living in Bucerias and the surrounding communities) were all so kind and welcomed me without any hesitation. I’m so honored to be a part of the founding team of Human Connections and excited to hear about (and hopefully be a part of) their future successes!

Jillian Hunt
Jillian HuntTemple University

Before this trip I had no idea what economic development looked like in real life. I had seen TED talks and heard podcasts, but nothing can replace the experience. This internship has given me the privilege of visualization. I can now see myself working with these people. I can see myself learning every day. I can see myself taking on a role in the social space that doesn’t involve an inherent tradeoff between impact and income.

Sarah Brooks
Sarah BrooksUNC-Chapel Hill

Human Connections gave me the opportunity to participate in potentially the best internship I can think of. I do not believe there are many other organizations that one could work/intern for that will give you rigorous work experience that has the potential to make a life changing impact on the most deserving individuals while at the same time giving you the feeling that you are on an extravagant vacation. Given the opportunity to do this again, I would. I wish I could have stayed and interned for them longer. Thank you Human Connections.

Nick Norman
Nick NormanOhio Wesleyan University

Working with Human Connections was my single best decision of the summer. I got to learn about everything I was passionate about and really had the chance to drive my own growth by choosing projects I was interested in. Above all, I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten the chance to work with a phenomenal team that was invested in my personal and professional growth. I walk away from this internship knowing that I’ve learned about myself, about Mexican culture, about development, and about hard professional skills, but most importantly, I know that I’ve made a difference.

Anant Pai
Anant PaiHarvard University

This trip has reinforced my passion for working in this setting. Perhaps this trip has painted a more defined picture of where my future might be some day.

Rachel McBride
Rachel McBrideNorthern Illinois University

We came in as eight students with different interests and expertise and we were given the freedom to apply that knowledge and learn from each other. It made it clearer to me that the community in which I work, and the people with whom I work, are in many senses more important to me than the work that I do.

Lucyanna Burke
Lucyanna BurkeHarvard University

I really enjoyed externing at Human Connections! Every aspect of the program was fun and interesting yet educational, and my favorite part was the consulting project. I was great working with a local farmer in Bucerías named Don José Luís. He is such a humble and wise men who puts his heart into cultivating his land and crops.

Bonnie Wang
Bonnie WangMIT

My time in Bucerias working with Human Connections has been truly life changing. I’m studying Business Administration and Entrepreneurship and learn a lot of information in various topics, but I don’t get the opportunity to apply many things. Being in Mexico, I felt that I got apply things I have learned like SEO, social media marketing, and working with a CRM database. [On a personal level], the most valuable thing was being able to interact with the clients and hear their stories. I have never traveled outside the US and rarely see people in the living conditions that most of our clients are in, but to hear their stories, see their craftsmanship and feel their love and happiness was an amazing thing to experience.

Taylor Jennings
Taylor JenningsNorthern Illinois University

I’m so happy that I was an intern for Human Connections. I now know the practical side to the material I’m learning in my international development, economics, and sociology classes. I received the opportunity to work with locals on a regular basis and connect with inspiring leaders in the non-profit world. This internship was truly an experience of a lifetime.

Nitya Argawal
Nitya ArgawalTufts University

Human Connections not only taught me so much about Bucerias and non-profits, but also about myself. It was so eye-opening to go to a less developed area and see how hard some people work just to have a roof over their head. It taught me how fortunate I am to have the resources that I do and I should never take that for granted. Human Connections also taught me how to communicate consulting advice in the appropriate way which I believe everyone should be taught. I would not have changed this experience for anything and I truly cannot thank Human Connections enough for all that they have done and continue to do.

Melissa Imbery
Melissa ImberyNorthern Illinois University