Below are examples of the types of positions that interns will be filling this Summer 2016. Please note that the specific intern positions available vary by program. As we grow, our needs change, so for each program we recruit interns with the skills to match those current needs.

Non-Profit Management

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Human Connections provides the perfect ground for a team of socially driven interns to contribute to our growth and operations. Projects will foster important skills needed for non-profit management, including building an alumni engagement plan, grant-writing, maximizing the effective use of in-kind services like Salesforce, and contributing to our growth strategy and projections. This team will play a key role in decisions and contributions that influence the progress and growth of our organization. For anyone planning  to work in the social sector in the future, these hard skills and experiences will be invaluable. Top applicants possess strong writing skills, have proven interest in the social sector, and ideally have experience with management, finances, or consulting. Spanish proficiency is not necessary.

Education & Community Outreach

Throughout the week, our office doubles as a professional development center, where we teach English classes to local vendors and community members so that they can more successfully access the tourism sector. We also facilitate monthly collaboration meetings for our artisans, run a leadership course for teens, and hold volunteer-run specialty workshops. This summer, this team will take the lead on teaching, developing curricula, and designing brand new programs based on expressed community needs. This position has a strong community outreach piece, as our Education Team will administer intake and outtake surveys to our community members, promote classes to a wider audience, and address past challenges like attrition. Strong candidates for this position have leadership or teaching experience, and must have intermediate to advanced Spanish language skills.

Marketing & Research in the Social Sphere

As a social enterprise, our Global Engagement Trips are a key piece of our financial sustainability. Our Marketing Team will work with our staff to develop new itineraries both locally and internationally. The aim here is to expand HC’s impact to new countries, as well as to expand our offerings here in Mexico by establishing connections in other areas of the country (may include travel opportunities). In addition to developing these new itineraries, our Marketing Team will revamp our marketing strategy to more effectively sell these programs. For these positions, we seek candidates with a background in marketing, sales, design, research, and community relationship building. Spanish proficiency is not necessary put is preferred.  

Community Consulting

In addition to focusing on team projects, all of our interns will each work directly with a local client to fine-tune and strengthen his/her business. These Community Consulting projects are tremendously helpful for our clients, and are also important learning opportunities for our interns. By working with a specific client throughout the course of the internship, each intern will gain a personal perspective about entrepreneurship, Mexican culture, and local values.

Business Innovation

Most of our clients rely solely on product sales for income. While over 90% of sales generated for our artisans via HC programs take place in Bucerias itself, we know that there is a market for traditional, hand-crafted art around the world. As such, we want our Business Innovation team to develop a strategy to enable our artisans to sell their products to an international market by exploring the possibility of setting up an online store. This team will also focus on artisan innovation projects, as a strategy to help our artisans diversify their products to meet demand without forsaking traditions. Ideal candidates have good photography skills, experience in design, proven research skills, an understanding of principles of international business, and/or an accounting background. Spanish proficiency is preferable for this position.


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