• Connect Through Conversation

    The intercambio program connects Spanish and English learners through one on one conversations, allowing participants to engage in a cross cultural dialogue.

  • Language Learning

    Step into a whole new process of developing relationships through foreign language exchange.


Language Exchange: Intercambio 

Human Connections is piloting its first ever language exchange program. The Intercambio  is an opportunity for native English and Spanish speakers to connect and practice through conversation. 

  • What is the Intercambio?

    Through our Intercambio program, we connect native English and Spanish speakers and encourage them to participate in weekly conversation. Human Connections will match English speakers who wish to participate in a weekly conversation with a native Spanish speaker based on their gender, age, second-language level, and preference of one-on-one or small group conversations. Both Spanish and English speakers will be able to practice their language skills in a comfortable and low-pressure setting. Native English speakers have the opportunity to offer just English practice or take advantage of half of the meeting time to practice their Spanish.

  • Who can participate?

    Both native English and Spanish speakers! Our program is perfect for part-time or full-time tourists living in the Bucerías area who are looking to practice their Spanish or assist a Spanish speaker with their English language skills. Residents of Bucerías who are interested in improving their conversational English skills are also welcome to engage in casual English dialogue. 

  • How does it work?

    1. Interested participants (English-speakers and Spanish-speakers) fill out an intake survey to indicate their availability and preferences.
    2. Human Connections identifies a match and contacts the participants to set up an initial meeting in their office.
    3. On the day of the meeting, Human Connections introduces the participants to one another and, together, all go over the Intercambio policies.  Participants will receive an Intercambio ID card.
    4. From that point on, participants communicate with each other and meet weekly at one of the recommended sites. Let the conversations begin!   
  • What is required?

    1. That you are staying in or near Bucerias for at least 2 months
    2. A working cell phone number or email address
    3. A one-time $100 peso inscription fee (this lets us know your commitment is in earnest and helps cover investment of staff time)
    4. Filling out this intake survey (also available in paper form)
  • Nuts & Bolts

    Human Connections suggests that the Intercambio meetings take place for one hour, once or twice a week. We encourage partners to work together to define a specific schedule that works best for them.

    Human Connections will give you a list of suggested venues for your Intercambio meetings. These are places where you can sit and chat for an hour and won’t be expected to make any purchases at the restaurant or café when you show your Intercambio card. You are welcome to arrange meetings elsewhere, if both partners so prefer. Public places such as a park, the plaza, or the beach are great options to meet during the day. Always use your intuition and best judgement.  

    Please be mindful about any costs incurred during your meeting. Neither you nor your partner should have to pay for anything other than the one-time inscription fee of $100 Pesos, and no one should cover the other’s costs.

    For the Intercambio to be effective, reliability and punctuality is necessary. Please be respectful of your partner’s time.  

    If you are unable to meet up with your partner, please notify your partner directly and with advanced notice.

  • What does this have to do with Human Connections?

    We believe in bringing different people and their cultures together through a variety  of initiatives. As a community and socially based organization, we value cross cultural experiences- including language exchange. Because language is a primary mechanism for real and authentic connectivity, we wanted to create an opportunity for people to develop their language skills.

    By participating in the Intercambio, you will be supporting our mission to foster mutually beneficial and cross-cultural relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Intercambio begin?

We are in the process of collecting surveys from both English and Spanish participants, and will continue to accept surveys on a rolling basis. Once you have filled out your survey on line or turned in a hard copy to our office, we will contact you with more information regarding your match. You can expect to be matched within a week from the date you turned in your survey.

How do I get connected with my partner?

Human Connections will contact both English and Spanish participants to schedule a partner orientation. We will introduce you both and review our program guidelines as well as other important pieces of information.

Can I pay my inscription fee in cash?

Yes you can! We ask that you come to the office and pay the inscription fee. Currently, we are not accepting credit cards. We accept pesos or US dollars.

Will I get to meet other  Intercambio pairs?

Yes! Our program will include group gatherings at our office. Here you will be able to interact with a variety of Intercambio participants. We will offer a variety of activities and games in both English and Spanish.

What other questions do you have?

Contact Tess, the Intercambio Program Coordinator, for more information or with questions:

E-mail: tess@humanconnections.org /  Call from the US: 847-400-7445  /  Call from Mexico: +1 847 400 7445