At Human Connections, we see our social impact as two-fold.  Our tour and student program participants engage with the local community in a way that enables our clients to better their economic standing through their work. By facilitating dignified dialogue, we aim for bridging cultural gaps and breaking down stereotypes about Mexican people. Tour guests then come away with a deepened understanding and respect for Mexican culture and the economically challenged, while students also gain practical experience in the social sector.

Human Connections’ impact on clients goes hand in hand with our impact on guests, allowing us to influence the lives of both locals and travelers alike.  While much of our impact is intangible and sometimes unquantifiable, we do our best to measure and fairly represent how we effect the lives of both our clients and the travelers who spend the greatest amount of time with us–students. Some of our impact, like the confidence and dignity we facilitate in our clients, simply cannot be put into numbers, but we believe that the metrics on this page begin to tell the story of the social impact of the work done at Human Connections.

Student Impact

  • 4.9 / 5

    The average satisfaction rating of both global engagement trip (GET) and internship participants surveyed.

  • 4.67 / 5

    Surveyed GET and internship participants rated the opportunities to interact with the local community as 4.67 out of 5.

  • 4.83 / 5

    Surveyed GET and internship participants rated the opportunity to think critically and creatively as 4.83 out of 5.

  • 95%

    Of GET and internship participants surveyed were satisfied or extremely satisfied with their opportunities to learn and apply new skills

  • 92%

    Of GET and internship participants surveyed said that their experience with Human Connections had an impact on their career goals

  • 93%

    Of GET and internship participants surveyed felt that their experience at Human Connections enhanced their classroom learning

Client Impact

  • MX $275,010

    Mexican pesos (approx USD$13,677) earned by our clients through Human Connections programs this fiscal year (2016/2017)

  • 83%

    The percentage of tour revenues that go directly into the hands of clients

  • 116%

    The increase in our monetary client impact over last fiscal year

  • 30

    The number of local tradespeople and artisans visited on tours and global engagement trips this year

  • 100%

    Of our clients say they enjoy participating in tours

  • MX $29,826

    The average amount paid in Mexican pesos (approx USD$1800) to our regular tour clients by Human Connections for their time last fiscal year

  • 100%

    Of our clients with school aged children have at least one child in school

Visitor Impact

US $2182

Channeled into the hands of local entrepreneurs and artisans, as well as community-based Microfinance Institutions during Global Engagement Trips in Ecuador during 2016 and 2017

Online Sales


In sales generated for our community members through our online store and partnership

Student Testimonials

Lydia Cleaver Bartholomew

Interning with Human Connections was everything I had hoped for and more. I learned a variety of new skills that I can take with me into future work, and I felt like I had a real impact on the community. The staff were so encouraging and supportive; I felt like they really listened to my voice and valued my work. This has been such a transformative experience, and I can’t wait to continue my work with HC!

Lydia Cleaver BartholomewSummer Intern ’16
Anant Pai

Working with Human Connections was my single best decision of the summer. I got to learn about everything I was passionate about and really had the chance to drive my own growth by choosing projects I was interested in. Above all, I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten the chance to work with a phenomenal team that was invested in my personal and professional growth. I walk away from this internship knowing that I’ve learned about myself, about Mexican culture, about development, and about hard professional skills, but most importantly, I know that I’ve made a difference.

Anant PaiSummer Intern ’16
Connor Steppe

My experience with Human Connections was not only extremely rewarding but also allowed me to gain new insights about myself and my future career path. I felt as though the work I was doing truly made a difference in the lives of others and I left Bucerias with a sense of accomplishment. Human Connections challenged me to think differently about the social space and how businesses operate in general. The Human Connections staff is composed of extremely inspirational and driven individuals who have a level of energy and optimism which is absolutely contagious. Overall, my experience with Human Connections was truly life changing and I could not have been more happy with my decision to spend of my summer working with them.

Connor SteppeSummer Intern ’16
Kimberly Liang

I loved my experience with Human Connections. It’s a beautifully mixed itinerary filled with culture, microfinance, consulting, and understanding. The program focuses on the idea that everyone has something to learn from everyone and this was absolutely true for me. As cheesy as it sounds, when I saw the joy and pride in the eyes of the artisans working with Human Connections there is a new found respect that I have for them all. They are utterly happy and it’s a complete change from the American perspective. I’ve learned and practiced a level of understanding for other’s beliefs, cultures, wants and needs and it has made me grow as a person because they are the key to every aspect of life whether it lead to a future in consulting, therapy, or anything else.

Kimberly LiangWinter ’16 Intern
Sarah Johnson

My week with human connections will have a lasting impact on my perspective and career goals! It was amazing to being able to connect with people across the world on such a personal level and learn from their stories. It is an experience I will not forget and I am very grateful to Human Connections for creating this opportunity.

Sarah JohnsonTufts Microfinance GET ’16
Melissa Imbery

Human Connections is one of the most amazing organizations out there. They provide you with real life insight of how hard the underprivileged work for what they have, and how proud they are to have what they do. I’ve gained more than just references during my time with Human Connections, I have gained mentors and lifelong friends. My life has forever been changed by the work that Human Connections is doing and I look forward to returning to Bucerias, Mexico to help in any way possible.

Melissa ImberyNorthern Illinois University GET ’16