• GET Inspired

    Global Engagement Trips are meant to inspire students, allowing them to embark on an educational and formative journey.

  • GET Involved

    Global Engagement Trips will allow participants to travel with other active citizens and share a learning experience.

  • GET Engaged

    The relationships that we’ve formed with our community allow Global Engagement Trip participants to interact organically with local people, hearing their stories.

  • GET Perspective

    Participants will think critically about Latin American social issues and form a personal perspective on sustainable development



Global Engagement Trips (GETs) are experiential learning trips that provide insight into Latin American culture and contemporary social issues. Through the relationships that we’ve forged with our communities, we facilitate genuine interactions with local artisans, micro-entrepreneurs, and changemakers, empowering them to share their diverse cultural and political narratives with a global audience. Through these dialogues, participants develop a personal perspective on international development and grow as informed global citizens. We consistently witness the profound intellectual and personal development that can take place over the course of a few well-planned days.

Who can participate?

Perfect for student groups, non-profit groups, or adventurous families, GETs are for anyone who seeks to have a lasting social impact and navigate the world with greater self-awareness and multicultural fluency.

What makes GETs different?

At Human Connections, relationships are at the core of everything that we do. Because of this focus, our GETs are intentionally non-voyeuristic; instead, travelers are welcomed into the lives and homes of local people, where they listen to diverse perspectives and engage ethically in a mutually beneficial exchange of resources and experiences. We pride ourselves on being socially responsible, meaning that we channel dollars into the hands of those who need them most.

Additionally, traveling with Human Connections is…

  • Affordable

    Good for your heart and your wallet!

  • Sincere

    Participants develop real personal relationships because locals want to share their stories

  • Custom-Made

    We’ll craft an itinerary that allows you to explore your interests

  • Thought-Provoking

    Our multi-perspective approach exposes participants to all sides of an issue, allowing them to form their own opinions on important contemporary issues



  • Hear the stories of micro-entrepreneurs who have received group or individual loans
  • Interact with loan officers and discuss the policies and procedures of different MFIs
  • Learn about the history of microfinance in Mexico and around the world
  • By standing in the shoes of people who use microloans, you will understand the holistic impact (and risk) of the lending process


  • Visit tourism hubs and explore the impact of tourism on local businesses, environments, and communities
  • Meet people who are using tourism as a community development tool and are helping sustain local businesses beyond the busy season
  • Consider and discuss these issues as they manifest differently across Mexico and the globe


  • Meet people who have immigrated from Central American countries to Mexico and from Mexico to the United States
  • Hear stories from immigrants who were deported from the U.S. and their experiences of reintegration back into Mexico
  • Learn about and discuss current legislation and the various dialogues happening across North, Central, and South America

Latin American Culture and History

  • Visit historical sites and meet people who are actively preserving historical culture and tradition, particularly that of indigenous groups
  • Experience local art, music, and dancing, and meet the creators behind this historically-informed work
  • Discuss the ways that leaders are attempting to incorporate modern life with tradition and the challenges they face

Social Entrepreneurship

  • Meet local business leaders who are reinvesting in the community and defying traditional ideas about profits over people
  • See examples of environmentally sustainable businesses and how they compare and compete with other businesses
  • Discuss examples of social enterprise around the world and view these organizations in a historical and cultural context

Fair Trade

  • Tour fair trade and non-fair trade plantations and talk with workers
  • Meet artists/vendors and engage in discussion with organizers of local fair trade markets
  • Learn about marketing of fair trade products, the way the value of fair trade is perceived and evaluated, and how fair trade practices vary across contexts


GEE with Allowance for Good: Environmental Sustainability

Quito & Mindo, Ecuador – November 5th – 12th, 2016

Tufts GET: Microfinance and Economic Development

Quito, Ecuador – March 2017

GET: Gender Dynamics and Social Change in Modern-Day Mexico

Riviera Nayarit, Mexico – 1 week

UCSD: Break Away Global Service Trip

Bucerias, Mexico – March2016

GET: Women in Enterprise – A Professional Development Retreat

Bucerias, Mexico – 1 Week

GET: Leadership & Community Engagement

Bucerias, Mexico – 1 Week

Sample 5-Day Microfinance Itinerary