• GET Inspired

    Global Engagement Trips are meant to inspire students, allowing them to embark on an educational and formative journey.

  • GET Involved

    Global Engagement Trips will allow participants to travel with other active citizens and share a learning experience.

  • GET Engaged

    The relationships that we’ve formed with our community allow Global Engagement Trip participants to interact organically with local people, hearing their stories.

  • GET Perspective

    Participants will think critically about Latin American social issues and form a personal perspective on sustainable development


Human Connections GETs

Global Engagement Trips (GETs) are experiential learning trips from 4 days to 2 weeks that provide insight into Latin American culture and contemporary social issues. Through the relationships that we’ve forged with our community, participants are connected with local artisans, micro-entrepreneurs, and organizations through carefully curated, educational itineraries. These interactions allow participants to tackle complex issues – like migration, microfinance, or indigenous rights – through honest conversations with people who have direct experience in these areas. Our GETs facilitate a mutually-beneficial exchange of perspectives, and help participants grow as socially-minded individuals.

We consistently witness the profound intellectual and personal development that can take place over the course of a few well-planned days.

Students meeting with Doña Elvira, a migrant from Chiapas
Students watching the sunset in Bucerias, Mexico

Who can participate?

Perfect for high school or university groups, as well as nonprofit or corporate groups, GETs are for anyone who seeks to gain awareness of the world around them through dialogue and hands-on learning, and to enhance their understanding of other cultures. While group sizes are usually around 10-15 participants, we can accommodate anywhere from 6-30 participants on any given trip. We find that smaller group sizes enhance learning experiences, and allow participants to get the most out of our itineraries.

GETs are perfect for hybrid university courses or annual high school experiential education trips.

What makes GETs different?

At Human Connections, relationships are at the core of everything that we do. Our GETs are intentionally non-voyeuristic; instead, participants are welcomed into the homes of local people, where they listen to diverse perspectives and engage ethically in a reciprocal exchange of resources and experiences. We pride ourselves on being socially responsible, educating about how to travel responsibly, and channeling tourism dollars into local hands.

So what exactly will I learn?

All of our trips include discussions on responsible tourism and sustainable development practices, and are built upon a practice of cultural exchange and storytelling. Additionally, each individual itinerary has a central theme or topic to be explored. Common trip themes and topics covered include…

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Social Justice/Indigenous Rights

  • Microfinance & Economic Development

  • Sustainable Volunteering

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Migration

We can also run alternative spring breaks, corporate retreats, family reunions, and more. Have an idea? Just ask!

No matter what the theme, our trips are based around listening to the stories and experiences of local people. When participants are exposed to diverse perspectives from people who have agency over their own stories, learning is accelerated. Follow the links below to learn about our current trip openings, and about planning your own Global Engagement Trip.

What’s Included?

Each itinerary includes:

  1. Visits with local artisans and entrepreneurs
  2. Tours of local nonprofits and social enterprises
  3. Responsible tourism excursions and cultural sightseeing
  4. Group debriefs and reflections
  5. A volunteer component (optional)

Additionally, depending on the group’s request, we take care of logistics like:

  1. Housing
  2. Transportation
  3. Meals
  4. Airport pickups
  5. Risk management

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