Global Engagement Trip Testimonials

The value that Human Connections adds to your travel experience is priceless. Not only do you come away with a better understanding of the community around you, but you also meet with real people who are using their skills to improve their lives and the lives of their children. The stories filled with pride, perseverance, and humility from the HC clients are words that will stay with you far beyond your time in Mexico. The Human Connections staff make these meaningful interactions possible, comfortable, and inspiring.

Karin Scott
Karin ScottAfG Global Engagement Expedition, Summer 2015 Trip Leader

As an educator in the field of microfinance, it is rare to find those opportunities that can bring your students closer to the action before they join the professional world. Human Connections provided a boots-on-the-ground experience that my students will be able to share with their peers and use as a stepping stone for their careers, regardless of the industry they choose.

Adam Grenier, Faculty Leader
Adam Grenier, Faculty LeaderGET Microfinance, March 2015 & 2016 (Tufts University)

Visiting 10 different clients that never would have imagined where they are today without the warm practices of the MFIs we visited truly captures the essence of socially minded economic practices. It’s one thing to read an economics textbook; speaking with an indigenous person about their dreams to improve the health of their community through a small woodworking business gives you an entirely different experience. This journey allowed for the personal interactions that have made me change my major to International Economic Development.

Cody Eaton
Cody EatonGET Microfinance, March 2016 (Tufts University)

[Human Connections] not only introduces you to unique crafts or delicious food, it introduces you to the people behind them. They teach a story and the value of access to capital and the impact it can have on the lives of an entrepreneur. You not only understand microfinance better through a [GET], but you also learn from the artisans about life values and the power of a hope for a better future.

Emily Harper
Emily HarperGET Microfinance, January 2014 (Northern Illinois University)

This is definitely something I would recommend to everyone. It gives you a realistic perspective of the daily struggles some people go through and the obstacles they go through to prosper. It is educational, inspirational, and an all-around amazing experience. I would highly, highly recommend it to anyone looking to gain new perspectives about life.

Chris Leifel
Chris LeifelGET Microfinance, January 2014 (Northern Illinois University)

My experience with Human Connections exceeded anything I could have imagined…It pushed me to consider what makes me happy and how that might fit into my career path. I believe that the discoveries and realizations that this trip facilitated will have an invaluable impact on my future.

Lara LoBrutto
Lara LoBruttoGET Microfinance, March 2014 (Tufts University)

Human Connections provided me with a truly unique and transformative educational experience. It was one of the best weeks of my life thus far thanks to the gratitude, compassion, organization, and creative thinking that Human Connections has put into their organization. HC embodies its mission statement and provides value for the community they wish to serve…To learn about microfinance and visit Bucerias through such a wonderful organization has been an honor.

Gabrielle Zoia
Gabrielle ZoiaGET Microfinance, March 2014 (Tufts University)

Human Connections helped confirm different and new possibilities I had for my future. The experience was priceless and I enjoyed every minute of it. Every single person I met had an amazing story that inspired me, and will forever be in my heart. I feel like everyone should have an experience like what HC has to offer because it offers moments of self reflection and the realization of the importance of giving. I definitely plan to go back!

UCSD Trip Participant
UCSD Trip Participant Breakaway Global Service GET, March 2016

I think Human Connections provides a rich and engaging cultural experience for students and professors alike. The [GET] was a perfect balance of work and play, all while learning about and immersing in the culture of Bucerias. It is what experiential learning and study abroad programs are supposed to be!

Christine Mooney, Faculty Leader
Christine Mooney, Faculty LeaderGET Social Entrepreneurship, March 2014 (Northern Illinois University)

I can not put into words what my trip with Human Connections has meant to me. From getting to know members of the organization, members and clients of the community, my fellow peers and even myself, I have found a new passion and drive to not only serve communities but to better understand them so I and others can volunteer in a manner that will most benefit the people within those communities…I only hope to continue and enrich my life with people such as the ones I have met on this trip and to give and share with others what I have learned.

UCSD Trip Participant
UCSD Trip Participant Breakaway Global Service GET, March 2016