Nallely Rivas & Omar Zecua


Nallely, originally from the State of Mexico and Omar from Mexico City, welcomes visitors to their family restaurant with a warmth that makes you feel immediately at home. Their lonchería, El Barco, is a popular place where they serve breakfasts such as sandwiches, burritos, natural juices, smoothies and more, although during the tours they offer special Mexican dishes for visitors. Coming from a family where cooking takes priority, a meal with Nallely and Omar is much more than food; it is an experience. The time and care they put in preparing their food is evident from the first bite. Be sure to try their enchiladas!


Lunch: Breakfasts such as pan cakes, sandwiches, burritos, natural juices, smoothies and more.
During the Tours: Enchiladas, stuffed chilies, and many other Mexican dishes.

Cooking Tours:
Omar organizes Cooking Workshops once a month. This 2-hour night experience is aimed at groups or families of travelers, connecting them with a local family, so they can cook together and gain a cultural and gastronomic perspective. Learn more about the experience and how to book here.

  • Phone Number

    (322) 131-9700

  • Operating Hours

    8 am- 2:30 pm

  • Address

    Ignacio Zaragoza #47, Paraiso del Indio

    Bucerias, Nayarit 63732

  • Directions

    Loncheria El Barco is located on Ignacio Zaragoza #47, Paraiso del Indio. From Bucerias Centro follow the main street, Alfredo Bonfil, toward the highway. Cross the highway to Ignacio Zaragoza Street (note the Comex paint store on the corner) and walk up about 3 blocks and find Loncheria El Barco on your left hand side.