María de Jesús (“Mari Chuy”) Zarate Aguirre


Mari Chuy prepares traditional Mexican foods and, thanks to a donation made by students of Northern Illinois University, is currently building a restaurant on the roof of her house. With the help of her husband and children the restaurant is slowly coming together, and she is thrilled to one day serve her food to her patrons with a scenic view of Bucerias.


Tamales, bread, empanadas, bolis, and other Mexican food products.

  • Phone Number

    (322) 888-8319

  • Operating Hours

    Usually on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

  • Address

    Francisco Madero #305, Col.Javier Obanda, Bucerias, Nayarit

  • Directions

    Uf! This is hard to explain…for the best instructions, check out the map! 🙂