The Lopéz Lopéz Family 

This unique family of twelve creates animal-shaped toys, hearts, and pompoms made from hand-woven wool. The Lopez Lopez family is from Betaña, a small indigenous community in the state of Chiapas in Southern Mexico. They spend half of the year creating all of the products in Chiapas, and the rest of the year selling their crafts in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico.

This extensive process has multiple steps- from shearing their sheep and washing the wool, to brushing and hand-spinning it into yarn. The family then sets the yarn on a loom, braiding the wool into a single sheet. It is washed again to shrink and stabilize the fabric, so that it is ready to be dyed and then cut into different shapes. Lastly, from the animal shapes they have carefully cut, the wool fabric is stitched together with string, which they then stuff with synthetic fiber and felt. 

This entire process from sheep to finished product, takes about 6 months. The family then travels to Bucerías during the winter to sell their finished products. 

Process video coming soon!

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