Don José Luís


Don José Luís is a local farmer with a kind smile, a sharp wit, and a holistic perspective on the world. He supports his family through the cultivation of hibiscus and corn, which he does using traditional methods and instead of chemicals. He greatly respects the land and the animals he uses in his work. Even though he never had the opportunity to get education, he recognizes its value and currently has three children in college. He emits a joyful and clever energy, and we are sure that you will enjoy your time with him.


Hibiscus and Corn

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    Selene is usually at home during normal business hours but sometimes she leaves to run errands. During the high season, Selene also works in local hotels, meaning she’s gone most of the day. It is best to call her to set up an appointment.

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    Ignacio Allende #361, Col. Javier Obando, Bucerias, Nayarit

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