Francisco & Marina 

Hailing from  Guerrero, Mexico, Francisco and Marina left their small village over 25 years ago and built their business in Bucerías.  They make jewelry, in addition to hand-painted, wooden and clay home goods. Some of these products include salsa and salad bowls, mugs, wooden cutting boards, figurines and crafts.

Their native language is Nahuatl, which is part of the Uto-Aztecan language family. It is the most widely spoken indigenous language in central Mexico, since the seventh century CE. At a young age, Francisco learned how to make clay for his pottery by crushing seeds with tree sap and mixing it into rich soil. Marina paints the backgrounds of these beautiful products, while Francisco paints the different patterns and designs. He depicts images of nature that remind him of the scenery of his childhood hometown.

Many of these pieces can be customized by material used, colors, and design patterns. Just indicate what you prefer in the checkout!

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many products can be customized by material used (wood or clay), colors, and design preferences.