Doña Elvira


Doña Elvira is from a southern state called Chiapas. She is well known for her handmade tamales, which are traditional Mexican corn dumplings steamed in corn husks. To make the dough, Doña Elvira cooks and grinds corn herself (as opposed to buying prepared corn flour), and uses seeds from Chiapas to grow specialty herbs to flavor it. After slathering corn husks with her dough, she tucks in fresh meats, salsas or other fillings. Then, she rolls her tamales and steams them for over an hour. She learned this artisanal tamale-making process from her mother, and is proud to be able to offer her Nayarit clientele this authentic Chiapas treat.


Tamales, bread, empanadas, bolis, and other Mexican food products.


home delivery

  • Phone Number

    (322) 278-0070

  • Operating Hours

    You can find Elvira at home most mornings, though she leaves to make deliveries at random hours. It’s best to call her and place an order — which you can either pick up or have delivered

  • Address

    Punta de Mita

  • Directions

    While Elvira doesn’t live in Bucerias, she delivers her tamales to Bucerias (provided the order is of 15 tamales or more) and her product is so good that we had to include her. Call her (or us!) to place an order for delivery.