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Have an idea in mind? Don Enrique can make custom metal-work designs by order.

Don Enrique

Originally a factory welder from Michoacán, Don Enrique transitioned to the artistic side of metalworking when he moved to Mexico City, where he began crafting tile-laid trivets for a local distributor. He and his wife then joined their daughter in Bucerías, Nayarit in the hopes of finding a more secure environment for his family and his business.

Don Enrique creates many of his own unique designs, first sketching blueprints and then making them  come to life with his welding skills. He also designs original and custom made furniture and home decor,  based on consumer interests. For his welding process, he uses a molten material, hand-bending circular shapes to add unique designs to his art.

If you would like something custom made, send us a photo and/or description, at shop@humanconnections.org , for Don Enrique. Past items he has been asked to make include: metal tree decorations, metal lighthouses, candle holders, metal light fixtures, various wall decorations and more!