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Have an idea in mind? Cristino can custom-make a variety of wooden figures according to your preferences.


Cristino, a woodcarver from Guerrero, Mexico, taught himself his craft by observing a woodcarver that he used to sell products for. Cristino and his wife Maria moved to Bucerías in search of a more lucrative opportunity as he explored his new passion for creating figures out of wood.

He perfected his technique and began making exquisite carvings of palm trees, bears, seahorses, and other figures, out of dark, heavy wood with a bright reddish hue. In addition to making these products, Cristino prides himself on being able to create new, custom made carvings for customers. All he needs is a photo for inspiration.

Starting with a block of wood, Cristino makes geometric cuts with a circular saw, creating the rough outline of the figure. He then sands down the hard lines to create the smooth, rounded details of his wooden figures. All of this work is done in his woodcarving shop, hand-built in his home