Cecilia Bueno


Cecilia, a Bucerias native, specializes in the art of cake making. The passion she has is evident when she begins talking about her recipes. Ceci and her husband, Jose Luis, were introduced to the trade by his aunt and have been in love with baking ever since.

Years ago, the couple inherited a cake shop in Bucerias Centro. Unfortunately, due to the rising cost of rent they had to close their doors. This, however, did not diminish their passion for their trade. Cecilia began taking orders for her cakes, which she makes from home and then delivers. Among her most popular delicacies are tres leches cake and flan. One day the couple hopes to again own their own shop so that more people will be able to enjoy these tasty treats!


Her specialties are cakes and flans she also makes other pastries upon request.


Ceci works from home and only handles orders. It is best to call her to order.

  • Phone Number

    (322) 120-9791

  • Address

    Ceci works from home, it is best to call her to order. For pick up, walk up the riverbed, turn left on Calle Revolución, walk two blocks, and it will be on the left. The house has a green fence.