Maria Alejandra Solorio


Doña Alejandra is very passionate about making bread and comes from a long line of bakers. She sells a wide variety of breads, such as banana, walnut, coconut, and carrot bread. She is excited to talk to tourists about traditional Mexican breads and tell them the fascinating story of how her oven was built from the inside out and by an 80-year-old man.


Artisanal breads
Cakes and pies


Doña Alejandra is happy to cater for events and makes a mean birthday cake!

  • Phone Number


  • Operating Hours

    Variable, as she often sells her product from a basket in the Centro. It’s always best to call and set up an appointment.

  • Address

    Juan Escutia S/N, Col. Centro, Bucerias, Nayarit

  • Directions

    Imagine you’re driving into Bucerias from Puerto Vallarta. At the light for the intersection leading into the Centro, get into the lateral lane. Then, take your first right. This street is called Juan Escutia and is very steep. Go up halfway and then head down the long driveway that you’ll see on the right. Alejandra’s house is at the end of this driveway. You’ll notice her domed wood-burning oven.