Our English for Vendors classes are designed to give local artisans the skills to overcome the language barrier with English-speaking travelers. Our classes are held at our downtown Bucerias office on weekday evenings. We are always looking for additional volunteers from our community to help teach and assist our classes. The curriculum is driven by our students and is focused on vocabulary and phrases that vendors often use. We cover greetings and salutations, making transactions, numbers and money, and other helpful topics. Our English for Vendor classes are proving to be very popular within the community.


To celebrate the diversity of Bucerias, we offer specialty workshops, in which anyone can propose a course to teach a specific skill to other community members. In the past, topics have included metal jewelry making, crocheting, and healthy cooking. Our workshops take place in our downtown Bucerias office and are a great way to bring the community together. Feel free to contact us about teaching a workshop.