Bucerias/First Impressions – Marco Ortega

“This is the spear I use to kill the lobsters and tuna!” exclaimed fisherman Javier as he enthusiastically reenacted the motions he used for his late-night fishing adventures at sea.  When I met Javier, I was quite impressed by his stories and feats.  He not only catches fish by himself in the middle of the […]

Our Office

Our Office June 20th, 2014 by Lucyanna Burke, Summer 2014 intern from Harvard University Everyday at 5 o’clock 80s pop begins to blare in our office from the karaoke bar beneath us. Occasionally we are fortunate enough to work until six before the music interrupts us and forces us to make the choice between shouting […]

Human Connections Interviews

Human Connections Interviews by Nitya Agrawal, Summer 2014 intern from Tufts University For the past three weeks, Marco and I have been meeting and interviewing several vendors a week in order to form the artisan database. Usually, we meet with people on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and between the two of us we interview at […]

The Bravest Coward: Zip lining

The Bravest Coward: Zip lining “I’m gonna break a leg if I go!” I kept thinking to myself a week before our zip lining excursion at Canopy Tours (http://www.canopytours-vallarta.com/).  I was sure of this because an old classmate at Yale had broken one of her legs zip lining.  Even when I was reassured that zip […]