Articles: Living a Fulfilled Life

There is no better feeling than inspiring young people to ask themselves “what kind of life do I want?” instead of “what kind of job should I do?”

Students are often taught to pursue “success” in their careers without a holistic approach to what success means to different people. There are a vast range of careers and jobs out there that allow you to engage your interests and passions, and accommodate a lifestyle that you find fulfilling – and it might not be the 9-5 corporate job that you have been told to pursue.

We have compiled a list of articles that inspire us and make us think about the different lifestyles people lead around the world. We hope you can take some inspiration from them too.

We love The Minimalists blog about how to live a meaningful life with less possessions, and more time spent on important things in life – relationships, health, adding value to other people’s lives. It does a great job of questioning materialism and the culture of working hard in order to be able to buy free time later.

What leads someone to become an expert in something? Or to lead a fulfilling life that allows them to pursue their passions everyday? I Was Not a Minimalist, Until I was.

It’s safe to assume that we all have goals, right? But it’s good to know when goals are important, and when they are not.

The world of travel writing, freelancing or alternative, non-office jobs is a growing reality. But what does a day without routine look like? A Day in the Life of a Minimalist.

What’s the real reason behind the 40-hour work week? Your lifestyle has already been designed for you.