Articles: Development & Social Sector

We have compiled a list of articles to challenge your thinking about international development issues and help our audience expand their perceptions of complicated issues. We love feedback and receiving new articles to share from our community of inspired thinkers, so please feel free to contact us with any more suggested articles!

WhyDev is a development fellowship committed to “getting development right”. They frequently post articles with refreshing, challenging and out-of-the-ordinary ways of looking at international development issues and projects. Here is one of our favourite articles that challenges us to think about community involvement in development work: How can we turn aid on its head?

The Guardian Global Development Network: Should development work about developing poorer countries or “de-developing” richer ones?

New York Times: Poverty creates a barrier blocking entrepreneurs from innovation and creativity.

The Guardian: “The reparations debate is threatening because it completely upends the usual narrative of development. It suggests that poverty in the global south is not a natural phenomenon but has been actively created.” Enough aid – let’s talk reparations.

Understanding labels & their connotations (hold yourself accountable for the language you use!): If you shouldn’t call it the third world what should you call it?

The Guardian: Dignity is a key word in development work (and ours, too!). But what does it really mean?