FAQ about our tours

What will my tour be like?

Each Human Connections tour group visits three local artisans in the Bucerias area. In addition to learning about each business owners’ products, culture, and backgrounds, our guests will enjoy a traditional Mexican meal prepared by one of our artisans. These tours aim to foster cultural exchange and promote local businesses while providing our guests with an once in a lifetime experience. Learn more here.

What are some ways Human Connections helps the local community?

Human Connections offers community classes to teach our artisans key skills. Our most popular class is called “English for Vendors,”  which helps break the language barrier many vendors face in dealing with foreign tourists. We have also offered yoga courses, women’s circles, and courses on positive discipline with a psychologist from the Puerto Vallarta Red Cross. For more information click here 

How can involved after my tour/visit?

After our tours, we find that many of our guests not only want to continue to support the artisans they met that day, but also to develop deeper connections within this community.  The best way to help immediately after the tour is to talk loudly at dinner. We rely almost exclusively on word-of-mouth to advertise our tours and spread the word about our social impact. You can also keep up-to-date by liking our Facebook page here, reviewing Human Connections on TripAdvisor, and signing up for our newsletter here. Also, You can review the Current Needs section of our website for volunteer opportunities and can donate  directly to Human Connections here.

Where do my tour fees go?

An impressive 80% of your tour fee will have a direct community impact (highlighted in green in the chart below). On an average tour, we will have 8 guests paying US$39 each. Of your fee, $9 will be used to fairly compensate the artisans for their time and services, $8 will pay for your homemade meal and transportation (if required), and $8 will pay for the tour guide, tour preparation, and materials. The remaining $14 will be reinvested in our community programs, meaning your dollar continues to strengthen this community long after the tour itself.